Safety Department

Our People Are Our Safety Department

Force Corporation is a highly driven safety-oriented company. We pride ourselves in the fact that our employees are our safety program. Through highly motivated and world class supervision, we have been successful in empowering our employees to safely and confidently complete their tasks in an accident free environment.

Setting the Standard

Force continues to strive for a “ZERO” incident goal on a daily basis. Force Corporation emphasizes safety 100% of the time which has resulted in being one of the top industry leaders in the Greater Houston Area. We continue to use a well-maintained and proven safety program that is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws as well as adhering to the highest of OSHA standards.

Sharing the Responsibility

Our Safety Department works side by side with field supervision and our clients. The Safety Department is supervised by a corporate safety manager who not only maintains the records and manuals, but also visits client sites periodically to ensure that all safety provisions have been made to successfully complete a job with the high standards for safety that Force Corporation is known for. Our Safety Department will complete detailed Site Safety Plans with the emphasis on the client’s needs and concerns and will adopt protocol specific to individual sites when necessary. Our clients’ needs are specific to their facility and we will incorporate the facilities proven “best work practice” while maintaining a high standard of safety and compliance.

Above and Beyond the Requirements

Force Corporation requires that every task at a jobsite begins with a written JSA (Job Safety Analysis). This paperwork is crucial to communicating with the employees all safety concerns and effectively mitigating the hazards prior to work commencing. There is also a daily “Tool Box” meeting held with all employees to ensure that the entire jobsite has important information as well as any training that needs to be conducted. All supervisors at Force Corporation are required to attend a monthly supervisor meeting where safety concerns are reviewed as well as training administered specific to supervisory activities. We have partnered with ABC Greater Houston as well as Construction & Maintenance Education Foundation (CMEF) to provide our employees and supervision with the highest of standards in safety and craft training.