At Force Corporation, our safety goal for all our employees is to get home at the end of each and every workday. "HOME" is a guiding principle in how we conduct our business for the sake and safety of our employees, and serves as a functional demonstration on our jobsites that we have a strong company culture built around worker safety.

Working in a safe environment requires the participation of each individual employee. For this reason, Force stresses safety not only from a company perspective, but as an element of each and every worker's daily process.

At Force, we expect you to think about safety in every activity that you commence so that you can go HOME at the end of the day.

HOME stands for:
Help continually improve the quality of safety training
Onsite safety training provided for all employees
Maintain involvement through feedback from field supervisor in safety planning & direction
Exceed OSHA safety requirements by: achieving Zero OSHA recordable injuries, avoiding job interruptions, and preventing damage to physical property.